NYC Painting Kisses still 2016

The repainting of existing lines on a road as a performance component began as a diarist endeavour in 1996 on the Trans Canada highway, just outside of Canmore, AB. The performance time, location, weather, latitude, surrounding landscape and length of painting time was noted in a ledger, akin to a topographer’s journal. This process eventually gave way to a photograph, primarily documenting the specific action of repainting.

Repainting is a purposeful term since the performance’s inception. The reaffirmation of existing lines – not changing colour or code – posits the act within the history of performance art as intervention; while continuing its conceptual applications.
Performances developed and continue as a sole endeavour or affiliated with exhibitions and festivals. Locations of performances are tied to specific project narratives, landscapes or other autonomous meanings.



SURVEYor2 (1)SURVEYor, 2013, photo performance, Greensville, Ontario, Canada








04.91119111911/2011, 2011, photo performance, Toronto, Ontario, Canada









07.historiCITYHISTORIA, 2010, photo performance, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada





05CW.41 degrees

41º53’N12º30’E / 41º58’N82º31’W, 2006, video performance, Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada






03.dusk 'til dawndusk ’til dawn, 2004, photo performance, Toronto, Ontario, Canada






hand35(2)dusk ’til dawn, 2004, photo performance, Toronto, Ontario, Canada






kitchener8(2)and then we take berlin, 2003, photo performance, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada





mcmaster21911, 2002, photo performance, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada





03CW2001TRENTONRiver Road, 2001, photo performance, Trenton, Michigan, USA






C.Wells01filmic, 1999, photo performance, Flamborough, Ontario, Canada